Project:Disciple Her

Mama, you are a powerhouse of influence!

  • Do you realize you're setting the tone? This is a whole new level of "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."
  • You are a leader in your household. Are you doing it as well as you would like?
  • Your daughter is only little for a while. You have one shot at this parenting thing. In the end what matters the most? Is it how much money you made? Is it what kind of house you have? Is it your social media following? What matters most is your relationships. We want a strong bond with our girls that allows us to have a continued positive influence on them.

Do you know the level of influence you have on your daughter? As a mom, you have the single most profound influence on your daughter's development. That is an awesome responsibility. One that strikes fear, guilt and feelings of inadequacy in the heart of every mom. Little girls don't come with an instruction manual to get your daughter from here to godly womanhood.

You are the best person to disciple your daughter. Please hear me out.

Do not outsource this role in motherhood.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Do you worry that culture may have a bigger influence on your daughter than you do?

  • Worse yet, do you secretly wonder if she's going to need therapy for your shortcomings and failures?

  • Do you feel like you have to keep drawing your family's boundaries smaller and smaller to protect your daughter?

  • Do you want to connect with other like-minded moms, but the thought of pulling yourself (and let's face it, the whole family) together to get out to meet up with other moms is exhausting?

  • Are you tired of parenting out of fear?

  • Do you sometimes feel alone in trying to lead your daughter into a lasting, personal faith?

  • Do you want your daughter to express her own genuine and demonstrative faith?

  • Do you have zero interest in raising another church lady, but you're totally on board in raising a woman who passionately follows God?

If only you knew how!

You're not alone. Feeling like this is normal. But, I don't want you to stay there. I want you to be confident that you can raise a godly daughter.

Project:Disciple Her is an online six-week course for the girl-mom who wants to accept the challenge of being the best person to disciple her daughter.

Taught by Dana Vaudrin, creator ofModernMotherhood

What's included?


Unit 1 | The Four Qualities of Godliness | January 8 - 21

  • The surprising reason the qualities we were taught failed us
  • Why these four qualities will take you from effortful to effective parenting
  • How these four qualities can help your daughter make great choices


Unit 2 | Inserting Intention into Every Day | January 22 - 28

  • The ONE ingredient that makes all the difference in discipleship
  • How to carve out time for intentionality even in your crazy schedule
  • Discover your discipleship secret sauce


Unit 3 | Creating Milestones to Mark the Journey | January 29-February 4

  • Why meaningful rites of passage are vital to her complete development
  • A step-by-step plan for marking the journey with milestone celebrations
  • The importance of blessing her


Unit 4 | Building Your Team | February 5 - 11

  • Why you shouldn't be a lone ranger when it comes to raising a godly daughter
  • Who you need on your team and how to find amazing teammates
  • How to lead your team, even if you're not a natural leader


Implementation Week | October 9-15

  • Work side-by-side with other girl moms putting all that you've learned into practice
  • I act as coach and cheerleader for you as you bring it all together



  • Lifetime access to Project:Disciple Her materials. Visit anytime you want! Retake the course any time it is offered.
  • Weekly LIVE calls on Thursday nights with me when you can get your burning questions answered
  • Access to the private Project:Disciple Her Community


When is Project:Disciple Her?

Unit 1 begins on September 4 and the Project continues for six weeks. We will walk side by side on this journey through four units designed to help you develop a plan for discipling your daughter.

Do I need to log in or call in at a certain time?

I hope you'll get comfy in your lounge pants with your hair tied back as you dive into the materials each week on your own schedule. No babysitters necessary. Videos and Momsheets will be delivered to your inbox on Fridays so you can go through them at your own pace. There is a LIVE Call each Thursday night during the Project at 8:30pm central, where we'll wrap up the week and work through your burning questions about the course materials. The calls will be recorded.

How do we build community in an online Project like this?

You'll be able to interact with me and with other like-minded moms in the comments section of each unit. Or you can hop onto our private members only community to discuss and encourage each other. Project:Disciple Her is a strictly Mom Wars Free Zone. We unite on what we have in common. We celebrate how God created us differently and we support one another in our journeys.

What about my boys?

I created Project:Disciple Her because I saw a need for providing girl moms with a counterpart to the great resources available to parents of boys. We've used Raising A Modern Day Knight with our teenage son.

What are people saying?

Highly recommended! It is a one of a kind offering for women with daughters. She is expressing a desire to spend more one-on-one time with me - YAY!!!

Kathryn, mom to Liv and Mila

I thought it was a great program to help get the future of your daughter's life in perspective. With the busyness of life it's so easy to focus on all the things we need to do today. Sometimes all of the dishes, laundry, carpools, and homework take the focus. This was a great reminder that our time with our children is short. Before we know it they will be graduated and out of our house. We need to think about where we want our daughter to be and what we want her to look like when that time comes and focus our daily parenting on those goals. Thank you Dana for a great tool to put all the pieces together!

Corie, mom to David, Anika, Mason and Jadon

The talks and momsheets were amazing. There were also great ideas of things to do with your daughter that I haven't heard anywhere else.

Lori, mom to Canaan and Eden

Dana is a true example of intentional living in parenting with faith. She is passionate and purposeful about defining and reflecting her parenting values, including seeking advice from others. Although I have “raised” my girls, I am thoroughly enjoying this journey with Lexi. Learning, loving and having fun!

Diana, mom to Mia and Julie

I would absolutely recommend Project:Disciple Her! It's an excellent study that points you in the right direction in parenting girls. It gives you solid info, creative ideas, and connection with other moms.

Amie, mom to Ben, Luke, Megan and Anna

In Project:Disciple Her, you'll find a community of like-minded moms. You'll find sacred ground where the Mom Wars are banned and we unify ourselves on what really matters. We already love who you are! And we want to walk this challenging path of motherhood together, inspiring and encouraging one another to invest in our daughters' spiritual development. You'll get the support you crave. Your Lifetime Membership gives you access to any additions to the Project and the opportunity to continue to grow with one another as your girls grow up.

What's my investment?

  • Lifetime access
  • Video training
  • Momsheets
  • Six LIVE Calls
  • Members Only Project:Disciple Her Community
All for an introductory price of
$125 for lifetime membership

{That's less than a week of camp!}

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100% Satisfaction money back guarantee.

As I mother, I know that every penny spent counts, so I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All I ask is that you put in your best effort. If you decide that Project:Disciple Her isn't right for you after 2 weeks of the program, just submit your work for the first unit by September 17th and I'll issue you a refund, no questions asked.

If you're ready to make these days count. If you're ready to drop the fear. If gaining clarity, confidence and community as you raise your daughter to be a godly woman would help you become more intentional, then I invite you to join me in Project:Disciple Her. Together, I see us changing the world as we raise a generation of girls who passionately follow God.




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